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When most people think of holiday decorating services, they have Christmas in mind. Why stop there? TMT Design can help you create a warm and welcoming holiday ambiance no matter what the occasion. Take Valentine's Day to the next level or create a spooky and unique Halloween display for your home or office.  The ideas are endless! By approaching each project individually, TMT Design will ensure that your decorative dream is realized to perfection.
Cost will vary depending on occasion.​


Interior redesign is the art of repurposing your existing furniture and accessories to maximize the most efficient use of space and give your home that designer look. Interior Redesign is a cost effective alternative to conventional Interior Design because we use furniture, artwork and accessories you already own and love to create a whole new look and feel for your space.  And best of all, a typical interior redesign often takes less than a day!

​Cost: $300

TMT Design is proud to offer beautiful displays for any special event that you have in mind.  Since each event you host will be unique in its own right, we design decorative services on a per-event basis. We know that the most important word in special events is “special” and are confident we can provide you the ideal decorative service to make your event one to remember.
Cost will vary depending on occasion. 

Special Events

Vacant Home Staging:  Did you know that a vacant home could sit on the market 2 to 3 times longer than an occupied home?  As a prospective buyer enters your home, it’s important to have them connect with the home on an emotional level. With our experience and track record, we understand what appeals to the largest number of potential buyers.

Key Room Staging: Focusing on the “heart” of the home, TMT Design will stage the living room, dining room, kitchen, master bedroom, extra bedroom/office, and all powder rooms.

Cost: $1,000

Full Room Staging:  Providing the warmth throughout the entire home.
Cost: will vary depending on size and amount of rooms in the home.

If the home is currently occupied, we are proud to offer two services:

Verbal Consultation: During the scheduled appointment, we provide the homeowner and/or agent with a verbal consultation identifying the items that need to be moved or removed. In addition, we’ll provide color consultation as well as provide advice as to what furniture and/or accessory items may be needed in order to further showcase the home’s features.
Cost: $150

Detailed Consultation:  A comprehensive list will be provided to the homeowner and/or agent, which will highlight, by room, what changes are needed (includes color consultation). If additional furniture and or accessory items are needed, these items may be provided or repurposed from another room.
Cost: $500

TMT Design will offer custom design for all of your decorative needs. We understand that the needs of our clients vary.  As a result, we offer services for both residential and commercial customers and accommodate all budgets and settings.  Whether you are hoping to quickly sell a house or properly preen an office for the holidays, we are the perfect staging company to help you accomplish the vision that you seek when decorating whatever space you have in mind.

Vacant Home Staging

Occupied Home Staging

CUSTOM DÉCOR & Interior ReDesign